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Napa Wine Club

Napa Valley is the heart and soul of California wine country, and the centerpoint for elegant whites and remarkable reds.

• This club delivers all the shining Chardonnays, Rutherford-dusted Cabs and ultra-velvety Merlots this magnificent region is known for.

• Our sourcing team has access to a variety of small, cult-worthy producers to ensure your shipments are full of welcome surprises.

Napa Red Wine Club

You know what you like, and that's unforgettable red wines full of finesse and crafted by masters.

• Our Napa Red club features the red wines critics rave about, including finds from small, family- owned wineries and under-the-radar local gems.

• Small-lot, hard to find wines are the touchstone of this club that celebrates Napa Valley's imitable terroir.

Sonoma Wine Club

One of the most diverse wine regions in the world, Sonoma County offers world-class wines for every palate.

• Each wine selected displays the essence of its unique terroir; from mountaintopreds to coastal whites, these bottlings are the best Sonoma County has to offer.

• This club offers a true insider's tasting pass to some of the most exciting winescoming out of this formidable wine region.

Champagne Wine Club

Bottles of the world's best bubbles delivered to your door? Yes, please.

• Our Sourcing Team has taken on the terrible task of uncovering rare, uniqueand intriguing Champagnes just for this club (it's a very difficult job, but we are willing to do anything for our Members...). Each wine selected tells a great story, and fulfills the promise of ultra-luxury Champagne.

• You'll receive a reason to celebrate in every shipment, as well as toast-worthy wines unlike any you'll find at your corner store.

Sparkling Club

The Sparkling Club introduces the incredible variation of quality bubblies from unusual locales like Italy’s Lombardy region and effervescent Burgundy along with well-known and loved boutique Prosecco and premier Spanish Cava.

Direct Imports and close connections to domestic producers give our sourcing team access to esoteric sparkling wines that make for perfect celebration toasters and super-adaptable table wines to enjoy all year long.

Rose Wine Club

If your deep love of pink wines makes you blush, this is the ideal club for you.

• Rose wines come in a range of dry to sweet, some have a hint of spritz—but all of them are food-friendly and sippable

• We've searched the world for the most flavorful, enticing rose wines, and each one promises a memorable sipping experience

Bordeaux Wine Club (Whites & Reds)

The ultimate in luxury, our Bordeaux club offers unprecedented access to some of the world's most sought-after wines.

• Our Sourcing Team stops at nothing to acquire Bordeaux wines of great distinction, delivering them to you for cellaring or immediate enjoyment

• Each wine in this collection is a benchmark expression of this historic wine region. We select them for their quality, characteristics and provenance.

Burgundy Wine Club (Whites & Reds)

Take an epicurean escape to this legendary wine region with each delivery of luxury Burgundy wines.

• These intriguing selections promise to amaze even the most discerning aficionado; our Sourcing Team seeks out wineries that create impeccable wines from one of the world's epic wine regions.

• Selection is a careful process to ensure only the most finely-crafted heritage wines are included in each shipment.

Italian Wine Club (Whites & Reds)

Take a taste tour of Italy's wine country every month with this shipment of authentic Italian favorites.

• You'll receive a thoughtful selection of Italian Reds and Whites, sourced from top producers and off-the-beaten track artisan wineries.

• Travel to Italy to uncover rare treasures and family secrets? You bet we do, and each wine is an expression of Italy and our determination to seek out the very best.

Italian Red Wine Club

Remarkable Italian Reds take center stage in this club, created for wine lovers who seek out Old World style.

• Food friendly, fruit-forward and always fabulous, Italian Red Wines are so versatile. This monthly delivery brings terroir-driven tastes to every glass.

• Our Tasting Panel guarantees that every drop reveals authentic Italian characteristics, and our Sourcing Team seeks out only the top producers from Italy's most sought-after regions

French Reds

We carefully select only the finest examples from France's most exclusive regions for this French connection.

• These are the wines that winemakers around the world aspire to imitate. Whether it's a Burgundy blessed with hearty earth qualities or a Bordeaux from a well-known chateau, each pick will exceed your expectations.

• We have access to some of the most sought-after wines in the world, as well as some off-the-beaten track finds that promise to impress.

French Red and White

Finds for Francophiles! This club offers the most diverse, appealing selection wines from an array of France's favorite regions.

• Experience a flavorful getaway to France when each shipment arrives at your doorstep. From an everyday Vouvray to a handcrafted Cotes du Rhone, you'll experience them all.

• Our Sourcing Team is so passionate about French wines that they are thoroughly committed to offering both famous finds and undiscovered treasures.

Spain & Portugal Wine Club

Immerse yourself in the flavors of two fascinating cultures with our distinctive selection of Spanish and Portuguese wines.

• This club offers a fascinating taste of the white wines of two countries that have been crafting sought-after wines for centuries.

• You'll be introduced to some of our favorite picks, including Portugal's Vinho Verdi and Maria Gomes varietal wines, and Spain's Albariño and Verdeho— among many other wines we have personally selected.

Australia & New Zealand

We've set out on enough wine walkabouts to learn which bottlings from these two island nations are destined to delight.

• We tend to think of Shiraz as Australia's grape, and there is absolute truth to that. This club is designed to also showcase the diverse array of other Australian varietals that are coming into their own. Plus, we've captured some stellar Sauv Blancs and Pinot Noirs from New Zealand and we can't wait to share them with you.

• Each wine from Australia and New Zealand is a conversation starter! Our Sourcing Team is so adept at finding wines here that we often surprise ourselves with how good these selections are.

Dessert Wine Club

Choose our Dessert wine club for a sweet ending every time.

• We’ve taken all the guesswork out of finding the perfect dessert wines for any occasion.

• From late harvest Sauvignon Blanc, to Tokaji and Ice Wine, this club offers exposure to some of the world's sexiest sweet sippers.

Chardonnay Club

This club expounds on the range and variety of Chardonnays from around the globe. Whether delivering an exquisite, mineral-hewn Premier Cru Chablis or an unctuous and buttery Chard from Napa, these bold whites are never out of style.

Chardonnay may be the most recognizable white grape on the planet, but this Club offers surprises, too, as our Sourcing Team combs the frigid gorges of New Zealand’s South Island and nearly desert-like conditions of inland Washington State for Chardonnay finds.

Cabernet Wine Club

Call these Cabs and they'll arrive at your door promptly. Our Cab Club features Cabernet Sauvignons from every corner of the globe.

• From Maipu to Mendocino, we have left no region untasted in our search for interesting, drinkable Cabernet Sauvignon. You'll learn how every corner of the globe makes their mark with this monarch of all grapes.

• Far from a one-trick pony, Cabernet Sauvignon offers a complete spectrum of flavor and structure depending on where it's from. If you're crazy for Cab, this club will treat you to a taste sensation every month.

Pinot Noir Wine Club

It's the world's most intriguing wine, and it's full of paradoxes. Our Pinot Club showcases the complexity of Pinot in all of its sublime forms.

• Pinot Noir regions are as mysterious and enchanting as the wines they create. They're cool, clouded compact. In fact, great Pinot Noir places are as rare as the wines they create. Our Pinot Club does the legwork for you, delivering these phenomenal finds right to your door.

• It's easy to be swept away by a remarkable Pinot Noir, but it's very difficult to locate one. Not only are they usually small lot, but the great ones sell out. Our Sourcing Team promises that the Pinots they personally choose offer radiant flavors and unforgettable experiences.

Aromatic Whites

These wines offer a sensory experience unlike any other. Join this club and each month you'll receive a fragrant bouquet of transcendent wines.

• Hooray for Viognier! Have a pleasing Riesling! Our Aromatic Whites club captures all the freshest, most floral finds from around the world.

• This is our favorite club to recommend as a gift for someone you love. We seek only wines that shine on the nose and the palate, and it truly is the oenophile's equivalent of sending a monthly flower delivery.

Eclectic Wines

For palates outside the box, this club delivers reds, whites, bubblies and dessert bottles sought out for their unusual provenance, grape varieties or winemaking techniques. Ideal, too, for regular folks ready to broaden their horizons.

It takes serious sleuthing to find newly emerging wines from offbeat locations and estates. Our Sourcing Team loves a challenge and leaves no stone unturned in the search for mind-blowing wine finds.